2016 Presentations

Oregon Connections: Generation Mobility
Peggy Smedley Peggy Smedley, Keynote Speaker
"Everything is Getting Connected"
YouTube Live streamed by Portland Community Media. See also powerpoint slides.

Host, The Peggy Smedley Show; Editorial Director, Connected World magazine; Founder, Peggy Smedley Institute

2016 Presentations

Alpha listing by last name of presenter.

"Policy Approaches to Automated Vehicles"
Andrew Dick, CAEV Advisor, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

"Verizon Solutions"
Bob Fletcher, Verizon Wireless

"Mobility in Health Care"
Vanessa McLaughlin, MPH, Welcome Home Health

"Unmanned Aerial Systems"
Chris McMurtry, Solutions Architect, Sharper Shape, Inc.

"Mobile-First Networks"
Nick Newton, Aruba Networks

"Samsung Solutions for Mobility"
Andrew Nichols, Samsung

"Connected & Autonomous Vehicles"
Adrian Pearmine, National Director for Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles, DKS Associates

"Generation Mobility: An Oregon Perspective"
Jim Teece, Project A, Inc./Ashland Home Net

"Open Season - Security vs. Privacy Policy"
Adam Wick, Research Lead, Systems Software & Mobile Security, Galouis, Inc.; Courtney Dillon Pederson, Corporate Communications Manager, Milestone Security; Paul Web, Security Evangelist, Level3; Donald Westlight (moderator), Manager Network Architecture & Engineering, Oregon Health & Sciences University

"AT&T Mobility as a Service"
Aaron J. Williams, AT&T Enterprise Mobility Management & Collaboration Practice